Sunday, December 6, 2009

Graduated! (Preview)

I've graduated =)

Full post coming up this weekend =)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Tribute To You

2004 - 2009
I still remember the first time i saw you. You were the only one there, there were barely others. you glowed and i knew you are the one.
I took you into my life ever since.
How long has it been? Let me count.... 6 years? Yeah. More of less.
6 years and i’ve seen you grow.
i thought it was 6 years and counting, but 6 years and this is it.
you left me alone for good. You left me alone in this world.
I just want to say i am sorry.
I never loved you enough
I never cared for you enough
At time i’ve neglected you
In fact during initial years, i really did neglected you.
I regret that i do not have a photo of me caring you in my arms.
I regret that i didn’t kissed you enough
And now that your gone...
I will never get to see you there when i come home from work
I will never get to feel your warmth
I will never get to run around with you
I will never get to see you bully my cats
I will never get to bath you
I will never get to call your name and see your running towards me again
Why did God take you away from me so fast? I never really knew how much i loved you till now. my heart aches of memories of you and my eyes swells of hot tears. I would give up anything now only to have you back into my life again.

Coco dear, I know you are free in heaven now. You dont have to worry of being chased back into the cage. I hope you are happy there. Be a good boy k? Don't bite other people right?
Thank you for these 6 years. Thank you for making me laugh, making me sneeze, making me smile, and making happy. I thank God because God gave me the best thing ever, which is you. Nothing else can replace your position in my heart. And i promise your memories will stay as fresh as today.
God i miss you so much. I cant stop crying cause i am missing you even more every single moment. CoCo, come back to mummy. At least, come see me in my dreams. Or come give me one last hug in my sleep. I cant take this. I really can’t....

Coco's most recent picture.

* Coco bully-ing a cat.

* Coco chilling..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bad Romance

Honestly, there is NO ONE at this moment who is cooler than Lady Gaga.
Seriously, her music is insane, she is talented as hell and she is one heck of a musician! Original and daring as hell, she deserves all the limelight she has now~!!

Check out her latest hit : BAD ROMANCE.
The music video? Impeccable!!! Marvellous!!! Hands down!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A day at work... without work.

17th November 2009.

Am working in BM today. Aza is on leave so i was requested to replace her. It’s nice that once in a while am assigned on a weekday here cause it is really relaxed here and all i do is online and watch movie the whole day =p whereas when i am in my HQ, am like a department hopping grasshopper. I’ll go back and forth from office to office, and when i’m not, i’ll be facing my computer the whole day.

There are no LAN connection here at the BM office, so i always connect using someone else’s wifi. It was unsecured then, but now the fella locked it up. Stupid idiot. No online-ing for me anymore.

Discovered a new line today, “penang free wifi”. It is an unsecured line as well. Attempt to connect was successful, but the access was “local” only. Idiot. Am back to square one.
Opted to watch movie then. Brought Angeline Jolie’s “Challenging”. Always wanted to watch it as it was quite critically acclaim and was even Oscar nominated, no?

IT WAS ONE HECK OF A MOVIE. Brought tears to my eyes from time to time, and what’s even more heart wrenching is that this is based on a true story. Knowing that someone out there has been agonizing for their whole life just....... sigh.

Anyway this story revolves around Christine Collins (AJ). She is a single mother living with her 9 years old boy, Walter Collins. One fine Saturday, she was requested to replace her colleague at work, so little Walter was left home alone. CC was suppose to leave work at 4pm but was dragged until 6pm. When she finally reached home, she noticed Walter wasn’t anywhere to be found. She searched the house and the neighbourhood. Finally, she lodged a report with the police but they couldn’t not attend to her as it has not been 24 hours since Walter’s disappearance.

Finally, 24 hours passed and Walter was still missing. She lodge a report with the police. A nationwide search was set off but to her dismay, Walter couldn’t be found. The devastated mother continued to live each day, hoping to see her son again.

Not long later (i think approx 5 weeks), Captain JJ Jones approached CC with good news. Walter has been found in some other stated. CC was brought to the train station to reunite with her son.

There, her nightmare began to unfold. The little boy that came down from the train station was NOT her son. However, the boy insisted that he was her son, and the police, Captain JJ too insisted that the boy was her son. They somehow convinced her that she is in a state of shock, therefore she is unable to immediately recognise her son. News spread like wire fire stating that the LAPD successfully reunite both mother and son and LAPD was heavily credited.

CC knew she was not insane and she knew the boy was not her son despite the whole world telling her, he is. She brought the boy to Walter’s panel dentist and the dentist confirmed that the boy is indeed NOT Walter as Walter has some flaws at his teeth while the boy didn’t. CC then brought the boy to Walter’s high school teacher. The boy didn’t know her name, nor does he know where to sit in his class. The teacher, Mrs Fox too, confirmed that the boy is definitely not Walter.

CC confronted Captain JJ again and again saying that the LAPD got her the wrong boy. Not wanting to jeopardise his reputation, Captain JJ brush CC off saying that she is insane.
When CC couldn’t take it anymore, she went on and held a press conference stating that the LAPD had not only found the wrong boy, they even refuse a new search. This got the attention of a reverend who has been actively broadcasting his radio programme, shedding lights on the overtly corrupted and politically driven law enforcers. The reverend met up with CC and advice her not to go all out as this will cause much embarrassment to LAPD which will in return, jeopardise her life.

As the same time, the town mayer ordered the head police to “clear up this matter silently” as he cannot afford to have any issues affecting his election.

True enough. Captain JJ commanded his officers to bring in CC to the police station. When she rejected his order to stop the whole “wrong child” saga, she was immediately detained under Code 12 and was sent straight off to the mental asylum.

She went through much ordeal in the mental asylum. She was physically and mentally challenged and what’s worst, not a single word she said, is head. The head doctor even threaten her to either sign a paper stating that she has indeed got the “right child”, or the doctors will proceed her to more gruelling psychotherapies which might even kill her one day. She stands by her own judgement and refused to sign the paper. She continues to suffer dreadfully in the mental asylum.

At the same time, a police officer was given the assignment to pick up a young boy from Canada who entered USA without legal permit who also have an unpleasant juvi records.
When the boy was brought back and questioned, he was distraught and revealed the worst crime ever committed in the history of USA.

The boy lived with his cousin brother, Gordon at a ranch. Gordon, is a serial killer who kidnaps young boys, hold them captives, and brutally murder them thereafter. Gordon forced the boy to be his accomplice or else he will be murdered too. The police officer handed a stack of photos comprising of missing boys and asked the young boy to identify whether those boys in the photos are the victim. True enough, most of the missing boys, turns out to be victim of brutal murder, include Walter, CC’s son.

The boy lead the police team to the ranch where the murder took place. Dead bodies were found buried in the ground.

When the reverend learned about this, he immediately tagged along his lawyer and freed CC from the mental asylum. The hunt for Gordon began and he was eventually caught.
Gordon was brought to court for hearing. Although he pleaded not guilty, the juries found him guilty, and the judge sentenced him to 2 years in prison and he will be hanged to death thereafter.

At the same time, Captain JJ and the head of police was also brought to court for forcefully detaining an innocent woman in the mental asylum and illegally ordered a boy to pretend to be a missing child in order to close the case fast. Captain JJ and the head of police, was expelled immediately from LAPD.

CC also fought for the women in the asylum. Turns out many of them were victims of misuse of authority by the police. There were women who were beaten up badly by police and when they tried to defend themselves, they were sent straight to the mental asylum to suffer.

CC won the court case and all the women in the mental asylum were freed. She also facilitated a new act which prevents police to sent women off to mental asylum without proper court order and supporting health documents.

2 years later, before the death sentence of Gordon, he sent a telegraph to CC, requesting to see her before his death to tell her the truth. She went to see him, but he did not revealed anything. He was then. Hang to death.

Another 3 years later, a missing boy who was kidnapped by Gordon, was found alive. His name was David, and he was Mr and Mrs Clay’s son. CC was asked to join the joyful reunion as well as to hear the polices’ interrogation with him. David told the police how other little boys were murdered, and how he escaped as well.

Turns out he escape together Walter and another boy. While escaping, David got stuck and could not escape, but Walter risked his life by running back to save David. David was freed and ran for his life.

He could not confirm whether Walter is alive, as that was the last time he saw him.

CC was distraught but at the same time, proud of her little boy who risked his life to save another’s. This incident gave her something she never had in years; HOPE.

The movie ended without CC even seeing her boy again. However, she never stopped hopping and she never stopped searching.


What’s so touching about this movie is the length that this woman will go in hope to see her son again, despite the fact that she was the oppressed gender of that time which is the 20th century. She challenged the law enforcers, survived mental asylum, fought for women’s right, and she was the first women at that time allowed to visit a serial killer on the eve of his sentence.

Sex appeal aside, Angelina Jolie is one fantastic actress. The amount of emotions that she showed in this movie was definitely worth an Oscar. Kudos to her. Her tears were so real and her acting was fully submerged into the character of Christine Collins. I shed tears so many times watching it!

I remembered watching Angelina Jolie in Gia and i remembered thinking, who on earth has the ability to play this kind of role? If you don’t know Gia, please go and google and you’ll understand what i meant!

I also remembered watching her in an interview about her role in Gia. Even Angelina Jolie admitted that the Gia role, was so complex, so deep, so psychologically challenged that she almost went insane filming the movie.

It’s true. Gia was America’s first supermodel to die of AIDS. She lived a notorious life. She grew up in a broken family; her mom’s boyfriend tried to rape her and when she told her mom, she mom brushed her off instead. Then she was spotted by a talent scout and was quickly became a reknowned fashion model. But at the same time, she battled alcoholic addiction, drug addiction and was having crazy sexual relationship with both males and females. She eventually contracted AIDS from a “wet shot”. She was in desperate need to drugs and when she could not find her supplier, she opted to share a needle with a stranger.
Her life then began to die, slowly.

Gia was a very very heart wrenching story and i don’t think i want to see it again. It was just, DISTURBING! Yeah that’s the word! No wonder Angelina Jolie said she almost went mad playing the character!

Anyway, point is she is one heck of an actress. She is just like Johnny Dept eh? They are both weird and are highly versatile actors. =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Heard this song few days ago. It's amazing how Beyonce belts her song. The video is really touching too.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fish Steamboat with them gals.

On the night before i left for Sg, i had fish steamboat with my gals.

I still remembered how i didn’t even pack ANYTHING at all and i just walked out the door say, I WONT BE LATE! My parents was like.. Are you crazy! We have a morning flight tomorrow morning and you didn’t even take out your luggage bag let alone pack, and now you’re telling you WON’T BE BACK LATE..... bla bla bla

All i hear was wind blowing and birds chipping. Hahahah i repeated myself to them.. I WON’T BE BACK LATE =) and ran out. LOL

It was fun, LOADSA catching up to do.
And the fish steamboat is quite good, anyone wanna join me next time? And no matter how crappy that place is, we never fail to camwhore. Lol.
* Zo, Gin and Tu.

* Oh i love this shot! WHY? cause i love my hair. LOL =p

* Me and Zo.

* Me and Zo again!

* Looks like there's too many pictures of me. Ok time to give way!

* Zo and Gin.

* Oh this is cz's trademark make-me-slim shot. LOL

* Me again. *Grin*

* Zo's candid shot.

* Cz and I.

* Irrelevant. We cleaned the food and we can still go on. I wanna go there again =)

* Me and Gin. FYI, i don't pose like this very often. hahaha

* Me and Tutu.

* Again!!!! Actually, we had tonnes of picture like this. -__-

* Me again =) Cacat bit la here.

* Gin and Cz.

* Zo, Cz and Me =)

* Finally, us all! I took this shot and i am amazed by my angle too. lol.
Next post should be Sg post! =)

October celebration hiatus!

Nicole’s Registration / Multiple Birthday Celebration @ G-Spot!

Teehee this is probably the best time i have had with them!

It was 3rd October and it was such a hectic day! It was Nicole’s wedding registration day which coincidently falls on the Moon Cake Festival which is also coincidently my lunar birthday which is also coincidently the birthday celebration of me and my fellow Libra colleagues! ....


Birthday Girls (in birthday sequents) : Nicole, Janice, Me, Eeling, Amanda and Shing Toh.
Ok it was no coincident la! It was all planned to crash on one fine day. ONE FINE AND CRAZILY HECTIC DAY!

So Nicole, our dear Legal Assistant, finally got hitched! Her wedding registration date was suppose to be the end of September, but she delayed it to join the mass registration on Moon Cake Festival day instead. All of us, of course, will beat the odds to see officially become a Mrs.
However, it was a Saturday right, and most of us, will be working! Till 6pm! Nicole’s signage was 8pm! I was working till 6 in BM, Hooi Fung worked till 6pm, Chung worked till 6pm, Por and Celyn was in SP..
It was chaotic! How the hell are we suppose to be there at 8pm sharp? Chung will be fetching Stef too and Stef was supposed to be Nic’s witness. Damn it was all messed up.

I need to go home and bathe before i go over to Penang so i left office at 5.30pm. Drove like a mad person all the way home, took a quick bath, make up, change and left! It was already 6.30!
Called Jo to ask where to meet. Chung will fetch us all, us being Me, Jo, Hooi Fung and Stef. So Jo asked me to park my car at her place at Island Glades and we’ll hop into Chung’s car.

On my way to Pg, traffic looked pretty smooth... until i reached Pg Tesco area! Eff-ing crap i was stuck in a total bumper-to-bumper jam! Nic was calling everyone as she was freaking out. What if no one made it in time!

I finally made it through the jam and made it to Jo’s place at 7.20. Coincidently, Chung reached at the same time too. Thank god he already picked up Stef, so now he’d pick Jo and I, next stop? Hooi Fung’s.

That was another nightmare! Hooi Fung live in Sg Pinang area where traffic was pure madness! After much squeezing and cursing and yelling, we reached Hooi Fung’s place and shoot straight to Nic’s place. She was at the Moral Uplifting Society at Macalister Road.

When we exited HF’s place and “landed” at i-don’t-know-what-road-is-that, (the road before Clark Hatch), it was AGAIN! BTB jam! Nic started calling and we were all freaking out. The one in the most freaking-out stage was Stef as she was supposed to be Nic’s witness! What if she was late! OMG Nic’s would go berserk!

After enduring the same shitty jam, yes, WE WERE LATE. *laugh* (don’t know how to respond anymore)

When Chung stopped right in front of the front of the main entrance of the MUS (moral uplifting society), Stef, Jo, HF and I dashed out of the car and ran straight to Nic. Hahaha the sad thing is we were lost for 5 min before we found her. There were so many people there. Mass wedding ma.

We reached at 8.20pm and Nic was standing right there, smilling at us. We were like... ohhhhh shhhiiitttt.

Turns out, it wasn’t even her turn yet to register! There were so many people, everyone’s appointment was postponed!


We couldn’t even speak, too busy catching our breath!

Nic looked lovely and radiant in a short white puffy tube dress. She looked ridiculously innocent.
Hahaha what a joke.

So we waited and waited for another 20min before it was Nic’s turn. She was surprisingly chill.
Not freaking out, not nervous, nothing! So thank god it went well..

* Nicole =)

* HF posing..

* It has begun! I swear i will love you...

* He signs....

* She signs...

* Stef witnessed them...

* HF posing again...

* Put a ring on it!

* You may kiss each other now!

* Mr and Mrs Lim!

* Jo and I fooling posing with whatever we can find..

* Groupie pic...

* Girls group pic!

* Nic and I.

* She went it herself and instructed me to shot her. -___-

* She is obviously too happy to be a Mrs!
Finally, we settled Nicole! Time for a drink. I need a drink badly.

But before that, i so need to eat! Not only me, all of us was sooooo hungry and on the verge of passing out!

So we hit straight to Gurney’s Secret Recipe. Didn’t really wanted to go there because the food ain’t that good. But everywhere else was full house! AHH screw it la, we’d eat anything! While we dined, the rest came. Por and Celyn, Jason and Amanda...Eeling, Theresa, ShingToh and Janice is still MIA.

Janice is late cus she had to take care of her baby.

While Eeling!!!!! It’s her norm to be late. One day when she is early, that’d be a news!

After dinner, time for G-SPOT!

Our dearest Dato’ Seri got us a nice spot. Thank god for the sofas because I hate sitting on stools in pubs! Its ridiculous!

I couldn’t really remember the “chronology of events” of that night in G-Spot so i’ll just let the pictures do the talking! =)

* Chung, Jo, Celyn and Ee.

* HF and I =)

* Ee and i.

* Us girls! HF, Me, Janice, Jo and Celyn

* HF, Me and Janice...

* All girls pic!

* Poser couple of the year.

* He and his love intereste =)

* HF and Ee

* Finally, Its time!!! All the birthday gals.

* Candle blowing =) BTW that cake is super yummy.

* Hahaha my fav part!!!! Stef passing Amanda her pressies..

* Celyn passing Janice her pressies..

* Jo passing me MY pressies =)

* HF passing Ee her pressies.

* Janice and her pressies. Apparently she is not the only one excited bout that pressie. That dude behind is equally excited =)

* Candid shot.

* Just for fun. My birthday card with a hunky dude. lol.
That's it for now! Will show you my birthday pressie in the next post bout Singapore. (or next next post). LOL.
Great night indeed!!!